Testing Competence

Validation and verification

Did we do the right thing? And with the proper quality? In order to improve, we should always ask ourselves these questions. Our clients and we find these answers for IT projects only by proper testing, meaning: validation and verification. The testing procedure is often underestimated, but testing is THE decisive measure concerning the quality and performance assurance of your software. It plays a significant role in the quality management of software development projects. For this reason, you need the right team, who know which criteria are critical in obtaining objective results within a previously agreed upon    budget.

Test management and –coordination from one provider 

Our team is comprised of specialists in software testing, testing management and coordination. Our staff possess years of experience in various project scenarios and development environments. We have the requisite technical competence and methodological expertise to properly perform tests. Using a strategic concept and content-driven plan, we determine whether the software meets your requirements. 

We support you through the entire life cycle and relevant project phases with:

  • Test specifications
  • Test planning
  • Test execution
  • Testing protocols
  • Error management
  • Testing management
  • Testing automation

Why is it important to conduct external testing?

Externe Tests bieten einen echten Mehrwert: Kostenreduzierung

In general, testing and development should be done separately, because errors often go undetected due to time pressure and the need for continual intense concentration. What helps is a fresh look from the outside, as well as external testing begun at the correct point in time. Professional testers know when and what to look for and where the typical error-prone areas are. Our tests guarantee that your software is fully functional and matches all of the original requirements. The final documentation is standardized and tamper-proof. Because of this, you avoid considerable added costs, which often arise due to changes after acceptance of the software.


What added value do I gain from properly executed tests?

We do not just test for susceptibility to errors; we very concretely test the user friendliness of IT systems. It is only by doing this that you are guaranteed to accept a system that is not just secure, reliable and stabile, tested according to stipulated standards, but a qualitatively sophisticated system as well, which has been tailored to the user habits of your intended user group.