Cloud Computing and Software as a Service (SaaS)

To be sure that an IT system operates efficiently after implementation, a corresponding course must have already been determined in the conception of the software. Our experienced IT specialists work closely together and in constant coordination with all areas: from design to development through operations – without any gaps in communication or silo vision – ensuring that once in operation, everything will function smoothly. This holistic approach, known as DevOps, is currently being intensively discussed and progressively introduced into companies. We have had a well-established DevOps team at enowa for many years, which you can benefit from for your own systems.  

Our services for software operations:

  • Creation of operating concepts
  • Conception of application architectures for operations from cloud platforms and zero downtime operations
  • Consulting in the latest operational approaches like virtualization, container virtualization, cloud infrastructure and “Infrastructure is Code”
  • Organization of support and operations
  • Automation and streamlining of software operations
  • Operation of project support tools like Jira


Efficient operation aided by virtzalization, container virtualization and "Infrastructure is Code"

New technological developments like container virtualization and “Infrastructure is Code” permit the appropriate applications architectures trouble-free operations without any great administrative effort. This results in drastic cost reductions and generates a competitive advantage.

The operational concept that meets your system requirements  

If needed, we can organize your IT systems for you. We offer the following types of operation: 

  1. A simple, quick and economical enowa in-house operation
  2. Easily obtainable operations from German providers meeting high standards of data protection and easy scalability
  3. Well-known cloud providers like Amazon that are easily obtainable and scalable