Artificial Intelligence in insurance

Digital processes frequently do not develop optimally in a world without standards and norms. Business transactions are not fully considered, and digital interfaces are engineered in such a way that only a single transaction partner can use them. There is scarcely an opportunity to use them again later, and connecting any other transaction partner requires additional effort and added expense. In the end, it’s the customer who loses out, because costs filter down to them or, quite simply, disadvantages arise in services.

Standardization by BiPRO

BiPRO e.V. offers standard norms for nearly all insurance industry business operations that  can be executed digitally. Developed by BiPRO members themselves, BiPRO norms offer the standardization of technology, web services and data models, in addition to the standardization of business transactions and processes.

Using BiPRO norms ensures that functional processes are unified. Whoever utilizes this technology will profit from its ease of reuse – specialist processes will be standardized, interfaces and data models can be reused for many transaction partners. The utilization of BiPRO standards leads to

  • Increase in services
  • Cost reduction through automation

enowa can implement BiPRO norms and standards for you

Specialist consulting

  • Analysis of your business operations: Examination of compliance with BiPRO standards
  • Design of BiPRO interface: Description of data elements, validation and error checking, mapping
  • Connection of users: Creation of user documentation and functional/ technical consulting for connections
  • Test management and automation: execution of interface testing using the appropriate tools and quality assurance

Technical consulting

  • IT architecture: Integration of services into your system landscape
  • Security requirements: Consulting on security requirement compliance, consulting on Load and Pen Tests
  • Implementation: Development of BiPRO interfaces, development of test clients

Need a BiPRO Interface? No Problem!

After the analysis of digital business operations and existing sales and inventory systems, we can implement your BiPRO interface within three months.

Why you should use enowa for your BiPRO projects:

  • We understand BiPRO: enowa has been a member of BiPRO for ten years, and has already successfully conducted numerous projects. Due to our active participation in BiPRO, we can explain technical and functional questions directly and clearly.
  • We understand your processes: We are in the position to analyze complex business transactions and make them BiPRO proficient as a result of our sound specialist and technical industry competence. 
  • We understand your users: We can easily support you in connecting users to your BiPRO interface, whether dealing with comparison portals, broker pools or other users of your BiPRO interface.