EEZEE: Our process robot for standardized insurance processes

Insurers are under enormous pressure to keep costs down. So they deal intensively with the digitalization of their processes; nevertheless the insurance specialists doing the processing are still very heavily involved in executing repetitive, standardized applications. This ties up resources, which take away from, among other things, complex, non-standard assignments or business development. This is exactly where our process robot EEZEE comes i

Partial and complete automation of insurance processes

EEZEE simulates the data input by insurance specialists according to rules, and in doing so can assist with the partial or fully automated processing of transactions. Insurance experts - not data structures or IT systems - determine the specifications of EEZEE. As a classical client-server application, EEZEE runs in all system environments (Web, Java and .NET systems, HOST environments). To use the EEZEE Java program, it must simply be stored as an executable file on a central server drive that can be accessed by all the insurance specialists.


We have been able to demonstrate that clients who use EEZEE for a variety of applications experience a time saving of 50 to 80%.


Application examples of partially assisted / fully automated insurance processes using EEZEE:

With scanning and recognition

  • Returns from marketing activities (daily allowance increases - private health insurances)
  • Terminations

Without scanning and recognition

  • Conversion offers
  • Returns from conversions due to premium adjustments
  • Product-specific input (claims, terminations etc.)
  • Money Laundering Act - Identification
  • Terror suspect lists
  • Fraud detection
  • Life insurance: Year-end business (processing of suspended claims), Riester annuity policies (automated investigation of outstanding allowances), Death benefits for multiple contracts, Tips and information system (HIS) inquiries, Pension rights adjustment information
  • Health insurance: tariff change offers
  • Composite: claim-free years from other insurers


EEZEE can be up and running in just six to eight weeks

EEZEE can be set up very quickly. Following a three-day workshop, we can implement your specifications and regulations within two months. EEZEE functions completely independently of your internal IT department. As a result, it can be retrieved for immediate processing from a server and made available to all insurance specialists as a Java program, free of fixed release cycles, thereby increasing expediency and productivity.

Advantages of the EEZEE process robot at a glance:

  • Cost and time savings due to partially assisted and 100% automation
  • Elimination of manual data collection
  • Regulations
  • EEZEE doesn’t require any programming knowledge to use
  • Incremental development possible: Every increase in automation can be considered separately in a cost-benefit analysis
  • Fast and economical production set-up
  • Immediate cost/benefit calculation