We lead insurers through digital transformation

Digital transformation accounts for new trends and strategies in the insurance industry. Customer behavior has fundamentally changed and presents large challenges for insurance companies. Insurance sales in particular are in rapid transformation due to new requirements for portfolio and quotation systems as well as the processes for insurers being put in place: 

  • Interfaces have to be flexible
  • new channels have to be connected quickly
  • new services have to be portable

Ideally the customer can receive an immediate reply to the status of their processing.

Turning old into new: transferring data and processes from legacy systems into new IT systems

Digital transformation presents many insurance companies with the task of replacing their legacy systems. It is imperative to analyze and integrate current market developments, find effective solutions for the migration of data and processes and incorporate these in the new systems. This effort shouldn’t be an end in itself; it must be applied to one of the customer centered corporate focuses.

We provide support from requirements analysis, to project implementation through rollout 

In order to successfully master all of these challenges and set the right course for the future, the need exists for superior knowledge of the industry as well as profound IT know-how. At enowa AG, we have both. The professional competencies of our consultants are complemented with vast experience in and knowledge of agile project management methods like Scrum. This means that we find the best individual approach and ideal course of action for your project!

enowa offers the following services:

  • Needs analyses, process analyses and process optimization using Celonis
  • Expertise and know-how in the adoption and implementation of BiPRO standards
  • Actuary know-how: creation of test cases, support in the replacement of old processing cores and adaptation of existing ones, product development
  • Professional consulting in life insurance and health insurance processes
  • Expert knowledge in Riester products
  • Specific know-how in retirement insurance