SAP application management, process management and single source analysis

A company without an efficient ERP system is unimaginable today. Due to interfaces to specialized IT systems like CRM, SRM and IT systems from suppliers, customers and marketplaces, highly complex IT landscapes are increasingly on the rise. Effective IT solutions currently support business processes with an overview of time and resources. Since the care and advancement of an increasingly complex SAP landscape is becoming more demanding and time-intensive, not in the least due to technological  innovation, the following questions must be addressed: 

  • How can we protect the  unrestricted functionality of an IT system?
  • How do we keep pace with technical changes in IT?
  • How do we support new business models with adequate IT solutions?
  • Where do we find time for the know-how and necessary skilled personnel for these critical company issues ? 

Application management

Based upon relevant ITIL processes we undertake:

  • The support of SAP systems and interfaces to tertiary systems (incidents, problems and changes)
  • The monitoring of SAP systems (batch jobs, IDOC, PI, etc.)
  • The support of users in all questions concerning SAP applications and corresponding business processes
  • The update of SAP systems via upgrades and patches

Process management

We offer:

  • Support in application management in all technical matters
  • Advanced development of processes, including digital process modelling
  • Advanced development of  IT system environments
  • Years of experience in the optimization of business processes, particularly in the process industry

Analysis of SAP systems 

Over a certain period of time, every productive SAP system should be analyzed for defined criteria:

  • Degree of use by the users according to documented business processes
  • Degree of standardization with SAP-supported business processes across locations, business units, regions, etc.
  • Degree of automation of SAP transactions
  • Quality of the master data

enowa has developed an analysis model precisely for this purpose using Celonis (Celonis GmbH) process mining tools. These analyses not only assure a “clean” SAP system, but an effective and efficient process model as well. 

Continual advanced development, service and support by the enowa team

With our services, we assure the daily functional capability of SAP systems for supporting business processes with your interfaces to tertiary systems and the continual development of these systems. In addition, we offer trainings and ensure that your staff can handle the systems efficiently and without problems.

We offer our clients:

  • On-site or remote support teams comprised of dedicated consultants
  • Support from SAP and/ or process experts in clarification of specific questions
  • Reliability using defined and dependable service level agreements
  • Service models customized for your company with transparent costs
  • Reporting about team performance, abnormalities in the system and alternative solutions