We support companies en route to digital business and process transformation

Digitalization has significantly changed the market requirements of the manufacturing and process industries: greater flexibility, shorter time-to-market, customization and diversity are the success criteria for ensuring competitiveness in the coming years. Product design precisely tailored to the needs of the client and the corresponding transformation of internal processes will be deciding factors in the profitability of a company. Perfect process design is thus the foundation for successful business models in the digital age.

We develop the appropriate IT design for your processes

The adaptation of internal and external business processes find their counterparts in new digital solutions and the other way around: with modern IT systems you have a direct link to clients and suppliers (stakeholders), thereby realizing your quality and effective potential within the digital supply chain. In addition, you have the possibility to develop new lines of business and business models.

At enowa we offer solid process analysis, exactly define your IT requirements and develop customized system environments for your specific processes. In this way, we make it possible to quickly adapt to client requests and process changes and enable efficient interaction with clients or business partners.

Our enowa services include: 

  • Development of new process designs, e.g. via workshops, design thinking, etc.
  • IT supported analysis of business processes, incl. using the Celonis process mining tool
  • Development of IoT solutions such as our ConnectedLab, which lays the foundation for the digital supply chain
  • Development of applications for individual business processes (“e-App Lab”)  

Learn more about our IoT-Prototype ConnectedLab
from our CDO Thomas Haendly in the video below:

Industry 4.0: Success in the implementation of digital projects

Based upon our wealth of experience, we are building a special type of organization: the enowa App Lab. Our enowa App Lab looks at all activities in the context of digital transformation, from the development of ideas (design thinking workshops) to program planning through to the implementation of ideas in architecture, applications, interfaces, and the like. The combination with the other services of enowa AG produces the possibility for support of the entirety of your digital initiatives.