Profit from our quality assurance for the successful implementation of your IT projects

IT projects are highly complex projects, which as a rule place the utmost requirements and very specific standards on everyone concerned. The job of the project leader is to keep track of everything, ensure compliance with pre-defined standards and make certain of the seamless implementation of the project. The project leader is often supported in quality management (QM) by an external management consultancy that cares for the smooth process of all quality assurance stages. 

enowa AG – Extensive experience in quality management and IT projects, longstanding industry knowledge and in-depth process knowledge

As experts in digital transformation, we render quality management to the automotive sector. We provide support in the realization of your IT projects and employ in each case the most suitable project development models.

Our services in quality management include:

  • Formulation of a consistent quality assurance concept
  • Creation and tracking of quality management plans
  • Consulting to project leaders in questions of quality assurance
  • Assurance of qualitative acceptance of artifacts
  • Release of (phase) deliverables
  • Presentation to steering committees


We work with the following strategies:

  • Classic project methods in accordance with waterfall
  • Agile project methodologies, especially Scrum
  • Double verification procedure

Our quality assurance in the Agile environment 

Agile project methodologies have a few advantages over the classic waterfall method, especially in very complex and long-term projects. An essential advantage is the fact that quality assurance is applied as an integral part of an ongoing project and not just defined – as is common in the classic methods – when important project milestones take place. Regular quality assurance requires a high degree of transparency in a project, but consequently enables the timely identification and resolution of potential impediments.

Our employees are certified Scrum masters and possess longstanding project experience. We support you in creating top-quality projects from the very beginning, bypassing potential sources of error. During the project, we support your teams with self-reflection methods, thereby sustainably increasing their effectiveness. In doing so, we guarantee a continuous and qualitative process of improvement.