We bring knowledge management into your company

More than ever, knowledge is one of the factors that give a company a competitive edge. This is why knowledge is becoming increasingly important in the age of digitalization.

You differentiate yourself from the others? So do we! In the field of knowledge management, we are “definitely different,” because we know the processes and mechanisms of your sector, combine technological and didactic know-how and let all components flow together into our knowledge management.

enowa stands for:

  • Outstanding competence in the conception and implementation of knowledge management concepts and the realization of web-based trainings
  • Sector-specific process knowledge in manufacturing and insurance
  • Long-time experience in program and project management
  • Extensive and long-standing SAP expertise
  • Our services cover a broad spectrum of knowledge transformation and safeguarding of knowledge for your company. 

We support your technical innovation with our SAP and IT expertise: enowa is a single-source provider of the content and implementation of learning and training concepts

Do you use an SAP product or another complex IT system and want to train your employees how to extract the full potential from these systems? Then take full advantage of our services! As a long-standing SAP partner we have in-depth expertise at our disposal, are familiar with a multitude of IT solutions and are familiar which the challenges technological innovation present to a company and its workforce. By combining industry knowledge with didactic experience, we are able to develop learning and training concepts that are tailored to meet your needs, thereby making your employees fit for the digital transformation of your company. 

Providing and implementing optimal visual and technical content: the enowa Academy concept 

We provide advice about finding the right tool and deciding upon the ideal technology from which the foundation of learning concepts should be developed and made available to your employees. From conception, design and technological implementation through to launch, we accompany you over the entire course of the project. Our enowa Academy follows a flexible modular principle, so that we are able to offer complete packages or individual modules that can be pieced together in any manner desired.

Our services in knowledge management encompass:

  • Training needs analysis
  • Training and academy design
  • Blended learning consulting
  • Face-to-face training
  • Individual web-based training
  • Performance support measures
  • Enterprise social networks
  • Collaboration platforms and informal learning

Harness the knowledge of your company, safeguard it in the long run and obtain a jump-start on your knowledge advantage. Optimized knowledge transfer guarantees functioning processes through enhanced efficiency. We help you tap into your wealth of knowledge, optimally transfer it to your personnel and continually expand your knowledge base.