enowa AG – effective communication using our design

We are specialists in consultation in, and the conception, creation and implementation of all means of communication and change campaigns. For over 15 years, we have counted among our clients notable medium-sized companies and large corporations. Our goal: successfully convey content – we spark interest and excitement in your projects!  

Whether online or off, internal or external: We develop the perfect communication strategy for you, find the right communication channel, the perfect design and the appropriate words for your target group, guaranteeing successful corporate communication!

Visual experience via perfect communication design

Studies show that people take in 80 % of all information through their eyes. A reader needs a mere two seconds to visually capture a picture; by using nonverbal communication, information can be conveyed with the blink of an eye. Good design crafts information; makes it perceptible and inspires people. Experience is unique – and design is as well: because no other communicative stylistic means can achieve greater results in this day and age!

We hit the right tone for conveying your content

The tone makes the music…  Want to move your intended audience emotionally and excite them about your content? Using design and text we tell stories, arouse emotions and create memorable moments for a target group. Or is it mostly necessary to communicate complex content simply and effectively? Then a clean design helps to clearly present the relevant content, demonstrate connections and highlight the essentials. Together with concise and meaningful language, we emphasize exactly what is important.

Our teamwork ensures outstanding communication, determining the success of your campaign!

Our design projects include: 

  • Change campaigns 
  • eLearnings
  • Websites | Intranet sites
  • Print media
  • Corporate design
  • Trade fair design
  • Spatial communication 
  • Internal communication
  • External communication

Our editorial services include:

  • Research and editing of professional publications
  • Interviews, success stories (key areas: IT, technology, insurance, process and manufacturing industries, culture)
  • Target-specific preparation and distribution of content for your online communication via websites, social media, blogs and newsletters
  • Creation of PR and advertising copy for your campaigns