Change management at enowa – Integrated consulting for digitalization projects

Our change managers support complex and mostly long-term applied digitization projects for the duration of their complete project life cycle and beyond. Whether or not a project can proceed smoothly and reach a successful conclusion is essentially determined by the teamwork of the persons involved. For this reason, our change managers focus on interpersonal relationships - both within the project teams and within the organization. From the very beginning, we include all stakeholders who have a vested interest in the project, and/ or those who might impact the process.

We work from a tool chest of tools that have proven valuable with our clients and offer solutions that don’t just mitigate the change curve, but also shorten it. As change managers, we always work hand in hand with the project and program managers, so that they can concentrate on achieving the measurable core objectives of the project. By means of the interplay of both functions – change and project management – we ensure the smoothest possible operation of your project!


Our systematic approach ensures a well-balanced synergy of subsystems 

Every project is embedded in a company’s organization. To avoid tunnel vision, our change managers always keep an eye on the complete project with each of its individual factors.  We regard your projects from every possible angle. As a sparring partner for program and project managers as well as the effected business units, we take on the various positions of the stakeholders and point out in each case other points of view.

    This systematic approach enables us to constantly keep an overview of the individual subsystems of a project, recognize and balance its disparate respective priorities and in doing so, provide a well-balanced synergy of the independent systems. With this integrated method, we assist in the successful implementation of your project and guarantee upon completion its successful transfer into your company.

    We support all change project phases with the following services (among others):

    • Analysis, e.g. stakeholder-, business readiness-, impact- and urgency-analysis
    • Goal definition, e.g., moderation of vision-, goal-, and strategy-workshops, DCO sessions
    • Information and communication about the hierarchy levels of the project- and business organization, e.g. email newsletters, collaboration platforms, informal meet-ups, sponsor meetings, video messages
    • Team spirit & engagement, e.g. fireside chats, business owner concepts, management of resistance, team building events, FUN nights, mediation and moderation
    • Testing and Training, e.g. business engagement in test- and tell sessions, user acceptance tests, train-the-trainer approach, blended learning concept, online training
    • Transfer into the organization after go-live, e.g. via impact analysis workshops and Q&A sessions
    • Project management, business engagement- and communication plans, lessons learned, message control